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These guideance and publications are supplementary guidance materials to the Standard and Recommended Practices in BAR 14 to illustrate means of complying with the regulations.

The following guidance and publications, available to view and download on the DCA website, will assist you with your application.

​Brunei Aviation Requirements, BAR 14 Volume I - Aerodromes
Available on: /BARs
Older Version
​Brunei Aviation Requirements, BAR 14 Volume II - Heliports
Available on: /BARs
Older Version
​Brunei Aviation Requirements, BAR 19 - Safety Management System
Available on: /BARs

ADR 002Assessment of Runway Friction

Guidance to Aerodrome Operators undertaking runway surface friction assessments by describing the key elements of the procedure.
Issue 1
​ADR 003Wildlife Hazard Management

This document provides information and guidance material for Aerodrome Inspectors to enable them to assess how an aerodrome operator is showing compliance with BAR 14, and, in particular, paragraph 9.4 on wildlife strike hazard reduction.
Issue 2
​ADR 008Aerodrome Safety Report

The purpose of this report is to give aerodrome management the opportunity to demostrate to the auditors how aerodrome safety is managed, and to provide a useful tool for self-audit. All aerodromes certificated holders are to complete this report before each periodic aerodrome certification audit.
Issue 1
ADR 009SMS Evaluation

This tool evaluates the effectiveness of the SMS at 3 different levels based on the ICAO SMS Framework.
Issue 1
​ADR 010Procedures on Aerodrome Development

The purpose of this document is to give guidance on the procedures to be used to notify the Brunei DCA of developments on an aerodorme and other changes to the physical characteristics of an aerodrome.
Issue 1
​ADR 012
Guidance for Aerodrome Certification Manual

Guidance material for aerodrome certification application
Issue 2
​ADR 013
​Aerodrome Manual Checklist

The checklist developed to assist the aerodrome in compiling an Aerodrome Manual in accordance with international standards.
Issue 2
​ADR 019ADR 019 Form Application for an Aerodrome Certificate

This application form is for applying a permanent aerodrome certificate
Issue 2
​ADR 020Requirement for an Airside Driving Permit (ADP) Scheme

Guidance materials for assuring safety procedures governing the operations of vehicles and mobile equipment in the airside areas.
Issue 1
​ADR 021​Aircraft Fueling and Fuel Installation Management

Guidance materials to assist the aerodrome operators in the production of procedures for fuel storage, management, handling and distribution.
Issue 1
​ADR 022​Re-declaring Runway Distances

Guidance for reduced runway distances due to temporary obstacles within runway strip.
​Issue 1
ADR 023
Conducting an Aeronautical Study

Guidance on conducting an aeronautical study or safety assessment at aerodromes
​Issue 1

​Aviation Safety Circular 02/2018
​Direction for the adoption of Brunei Aviation Requirements
​Aviation Safety Circular 05/2018
​Amendments to Brunei Aviation Requirements on Accident Prevention And Occurrence Reporting - BAR 13

The publish of individual forms for Mandatory Occurrence Report (MOR) on the Brunei DCA Website