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It is the responsibility of the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) to ensure that the holders of an aerodrome certificate are competent and suitable persons to exercise the privileges of that certificate. Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) uses the Brunei Aviation Requirements, BAR 14 Volume I – Aerodromes and BAR 14 Volume II – Heliports in support of the granting of an aerodrome certificate in accordance with Section 35 and Section 36 of the Civil Aviation Order (CAO) 2006.

Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) must be satisfied that the applicant for, or holder of an aerodrome certificate has control over or access to the operational areas of the aerodrome in order for him to meet his obligations under the Civil Aviation Order 2006.

Some aerodromes must be certificated

It is a requirement for an aerodrome to be certificated if it is used for:

  • international operations
  • public use

Full details of the circumstances under which aerodromes must be certificated can be found in Brunei Aviation Requirements, BAR 14 Volume I – Aerodromes, Chapter 2 Aerodrome Certification.

How do I apply?

Applications for aerodrome certificates are made to the Director of Civil Aviation, Department of Civil Aviation. The initial application for an aerodrome certificate must be made on the appropriate form.

To apply for a Aerodrome Certificate, please use ADR 019 Form Application for an Aerodrome Certificate.  Please download the document, print, complete the appropriate application form, then sign and send with the required supporting documentation as instructed to:

​Director of Civil Aviation
Department of Civil Aviation
Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications
Brunei International Airport
Bandar Seri Begawan BB 2513
Negara Brunei Darussalam

What do I need to include with my application?

  1. An extract from the map, size A4, showing by means of a red line the exact boundary of the proposed certificated area of the aerodrome or heliport, and its location with regards to local roads, towns and populous areas.

  2. An Aerodrome manual, in accordance with the requirements of the Brunei Aviation Requirements, BAR 14 Volume 1 – Aerodromes.

  3. The following documentations should be submitted together with the ADR 019 Form Application for an Aerodrome Certificate to the DCA
    (click on links to download the documents):
​Aerodrome Manual
​Safety Management System (SMS) Manual
ADR 013 - Aerodrome Manual Checklist
​ADR 009 - SMS Evaluation

Need more information and guidance on applying for an aerodrome certificate?

If you wish to make a formal application for an Aerodrome Certificate but in need for further more guidance, the information on this page may be of assistance to you.